Taking care of all your Ground Support Equipment needs.

Our services include:  Repairs  | Parts  |  Sales


We service the following equipment:

  • Aircraft Tugs
  • Air Start Units
  • Baggage Tugs
  • Belt Loaders
  • Cargo Loaders
  • Lavatory Carts / Trucks
  • Maintenance Stands
  • Passenger Stairs
  • Tow bars






 Equipment Assessments

  1. If you are buying or selling equipment or returning it to the hired company we can assess the value for money, safety and operating efficiency
  2. Our inspections can determine repair costs, safety issues and environmental performance
  3. We can help you make that decision:  buy – repair – sell – scrap
  4. We can help reduce painful early return costs on equipment leases


Below is before and after photos of an Inet 90 KVA Converter